The Chalker/Charker Society of Australia

(Established in 1988)

Chalker/Charker Society


Welcome to the website of the Chalker/Charker Society.

This family society mainly consists of descendants of William Charker, also known as Chalker, who at the age of 25 years was convicted at Surrey – Lent Assizes of burglary in 1801, and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He sailed on the Coromandel, leaving England on February 12th 1802. The ship made record time, getting to Port Jackson in 121 days. 

The objectives of the Chalker/Charker Society of Australia are three-fold

Chalker/Charker SocietyTo establish, preserve and maintain the history of William Charker/Chalker and his descendants in Australia;

To promote relationships between the said descendants; and

To arrange meetings, function and activities for the promotion of these objectives.

Chalker/Charker SocietyThere are four meetings of the Society held throughout the year. The venues for these meetings vary as three of the meetings are held in the homes of our members, with the fourth meeting being the AGM, which is usually held in Mittagong, NSW.

A nominated member of each branch of William and Elizabeth’s family, who is known as the Line Representative, is available to assist those seeking information about their family tree, particularly within the given line and to disseminate information about the Society.

Membership is open to any person interested in furthering the Society’s objectives, even though you may not be descended from William Charker/Chalker and Elizabeth Shackle/Sheckle. 

Patron: Dr. Leah Day

Our Executive Committee:
President: Mr. Alex Hanlon

Vice Presidents: Mr. Gordon Fleming, Mr. Allan Simpson

Secretary: Mrs. Thelma Scanes

Treasurer: Mrs. Maureen Dolle

Archivists: Mrs. Iris Hanlon, Mr. Gordon Fleming

Webmaster: Mr. Warren York

For further information on the Society, its aims, objectives and the annual membership subscription, please Contact Us.